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Divorce Mediation Helps Kids when Parents Divorce

Mediation is a powerful problem solver and an excellent choice for couples seeking to unwind their marriages. If you are like other couples facing separation and divorce, especially where children and financial issues are present, the immediate future may seem like a hopeless tangle of problems and concerns, all made worse by the tensions that so often surround these difficult periods.

The Mediation process offers an effective way to sort out, discuss and resolve these issues, almost always in a fraction of the time – and at a fraction of the cost – that would be involved where issues are left to a more adversarial process and the courts.

Divorce Mediation Saves MoneyBy taking command of their own circumstances, couples, with guidance from a neutral mediator, create their own solutions, saving time, and financial resources. Where children are involved, Mediation protects them from the high tensions that so often surround the adversarial approach to separation and divorce fostered by litigation.

I’m Sandy Balick, and as an experienced Attorney and Divorce Mediator, I started Consensus Point Mediation, LLC in the firm belief that my long career in the law and extensive training in Divorce Mediation have taught me a lot about how to achieve workable solutions in difficult, stressful and challenging circumstances.

“Passions run deep in conflicts, both in personal matters such as a marriage, or in a commercial dispute. I have always found that by listening, then speaking directly and calmly to the issues, even complex matters can be resolved amicably and satisfactorily. By starting a conversation between spouses, it’s quite possible to get beyond accusations and posturing.”

Divorce Mediation helps to build trustFinding and acknowledging even small areas of agreement can plant seeds of trust and fairness, so important to paving the way to workable solutions. Even where that workable solution might be less than the total victory one or both sides may be seeking, it ultimately frees them from the distractions of their disputes, to focus on what’s ultimately most important to them, and allowing them to move forward with their lives and business pursuits.

Achieving that solution through give and take, and aided if necessary by the advice of financial, tax or legal specialists, can be very liberating, swift, and economical. Over the course of 2 – 3 months couples can shape a solution in tune with their lifestyles, wishes and desires in a way that adversarial solutions so often cannot.*

Consensus Point Mediation, Mediated Solutions for Living

Consensus Point’s tag line “Mediated Solutions For Living” refers to any or all the major family – related issues involved in separation and divorce: children, parenting arrangements, property and asset division, and spousal maintenance. Additionally, Consensus Point is available to Mediate any issues surrounding family owned businesses.

We invite any couple who wishes to learn more about the Mediation process to call for a no fee – no commitment consultation where we will have an opportunity to describe the process to you and you will have an opportunity to ask us any questions you may have regarding the Mediation process and its suitability to your particular circumstances.

Call Consensus Point Mediation for a Free ConsultationSandy Balick, Attorney & Mediator, Park Slope, NYCall (646) 340-3434 to schedule your no fee appointment.

Also, please feel free to explore this site. I’m confident you’ll find helpful information on separation & divorce, the services offered by me through Consensus Point, the Mediation process, and links to important legal information about divorce and related matters.

* Not all cases lend themselves to Mediation including those in which abuse or high levels of conflict are present. Legal counsel may advise that a different approach is more appropriate to a client’s needs and concerns.

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