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Through the Mill – Civilly

Sandy Balick Consensus Point MediationThe image taken from a steel mill may seem like an odd accent to a blog post on Divorce Mediation. It’s meant to resemble an important aspect of this week’s focus: budgeting.

In forming plates of steel, white hot slabs of molten metal are run between huge rollers – back and forth and back and forth – until the desired shape of the finished product is obtained.

So it is with the budgeting process. The couple starts by establishing their current budget and, with lots of back and forth and back and forth, checking figures, refining, and calculating until the shape of the finished product emerges, which is a projected individual budget for each spouse as they prepare to begin new lives in their own households.

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What’s Homework Got to do With It?

It’s no surprise that finances can be a key issue in a divorce whether it is a mediated divorce or a contested one.

Sandy Balick Consensus Point MediationA couple may, quite understandably, have misgivings and concerns in approaching this topic. Financial issues may have been one of the hot button topics in their marriage and a factor in the decision to pursue a divorce. Things like credit card spending, debt or disagreements over where to spend – or not having enough to spend – figure prominently in the breakdown of many marriages. The need to take up financial issues in Mediation may seem to offer the prospect of rubbing salt into unhealed wounds. But it is in the area of addressing finances that the structure and process of Mediation may help to detoxify the discussion. Continue reading