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Treating Parental Depression:

Critical for Parent and Child

“It goes without saying that depression and divorce are closely linked.”

So says one of a series of helpful articles on depression found at Depression Help. Further, depression may actually lead to a marital breakup. Whether leading to or a result of, once recognized, the condition should be dealt with immediately.

Consensus Point MediationWhy? For the simple reason that treatment is important if the individual is to cope with the demands of everyday living. Concerns for depression and its timely treatment are even more important when children are in the picture. Dr. Perri Klass underscores the point in a recent New York Times science column, headlined “Parents’ Mental Health is Critical to Children’s Care.”

Klass summarizes research confirming that parental depression is potentially corrosive to children in its potential to both contribute to poor school performance and interfere with the development of healthy peer relationships. Not surprisingly, the child is also at risk for becoming depressed.
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