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Emotional Static

Sandy Balick, Consensus Point MediationThis blog targets the power of the mediation process to deal with the emotions of divorce. While the mediation is certainly not a substitute for therapy, the process must be resilient enough to deal with the emotions that inevitably surface during some sessions. I’m going to take some liberty here (the writer does not have a science degree) to analogize the build-up of these emotions to static electricity. We know how garments can develop pesky static cling. In industry, static charges may cause fires or seriously hamper production.

Less dramatically, emotional static may exert a counterproductive force on efforts to discuss and resolve issues that commonly arise in separation and divorce. Fortunately, two features of the mediation process may be especially helpful in dealing with the accumulation of “emotional static.” While there are really few ground rules applying to the mediation process, an important one is that both sides get to air their respective views, feelings, etc., as the other listens. Continue reading