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Mediation for the Family Business

Sandy Bailick of discusses the advantage of involving mediation in your business planning.“It’s a decision that many entrepreneurs face – whether to hold on to the company they built from the ground up or sell and potentially give up control.” This was the first paragraph of the DealBook column in The New York Times (July 13, 2012),  reporting on the death of Walter Zable, the founder of Cubic Corp., at age 97. Though publicly traded, Zable was reported to have owned 30% of Cubic’s stock. Zable’s family will inherit those shares but may have to sell a significant portion to offset estate taxes, which may lessen family control.

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Divorce Mediation Video

You are cordially invited to view my new video about divorce mediation and the other services provided by Consensus Point Mediation. It’s brief and intended to give you a feel for what services Consensus Point can offer, the mediation process itself, and some information about my background as a mediator.

Consensus Point Mediation Video Introduction


Thanks for taking the time to watch. I would really appreciate your feedback on this video. You can easily do that by putting a comment in the “Leave a Reply” area below.

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