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Wake Up! It’s P (for Planning) Day (8th in the “Post D – as in Divorce – Day” Series)

Sandy Balick of Consensus Point Mediation, LLC ( explains the financial planning that is needed once you have been granted a divorce.With Divorce Judgment in hand, mark the occasion with a good meal at a favorite restaurant, get a good night’s sleep and wake up ready to celebrate P (for planning) Day, the day you begin to develop plans for re-establishing the three major areas of well-being in your life – – health, finance, and mindset – – following D (as in divorce) Day.

So far in this series we’ve covered basics, having addressed living and testamentary wills, health and some important insurances aimed at financial security. Picking up with finances, this entry is about the importance of personal finances, something best approached through an effective financial planning process.

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