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Dual Partners

Sandy Balick of Consensus Point Mediation LLC explains how marital mediation can help spousal business partners unwind one aspect of their relationship while maintaining the other.Spousal-run businesses seem to proliferate. The fertile soil of husband/wife entrepreneurship reflects, among other things, the increasingly popular work-from-home ethos. The relative ease of conducting a business or professional relationship via the internet; Qualified Joint Venture tax treatment by the IRS; and the increased prominence and success of women as entrepreneurs are just several likely contributors to this trend.

It is no surprise that some of these husband/wife ventures have attained considerable success, a fact highlighted in a 2013 article appearing in Knowledge@Wharton, the UPenn business school’s online business analysis journal. It highlights some prominent husband/wife entrepreneurs and the unique challenges facing what I call dual partners – couples that are partners in romance and in business.

It’s entirely predictable that some successful spousal business ventures will be met with this dilemma: the marital adhesive’s worn yet the strong desire and/or shared financial necessity to continue the business or professional relationship perseveres.

The resulting dilemma is an intimidating one – is it even possible to unwind a marriage while preserving a spousal business relationship? Continue reading