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Divorced But Leaving a Positive Parental Legacy

Sandy Balick of discusses the organization and patience it takes to parent successfully post-divorce.My friends all know that I suffer from a lifetime obsession – I am a train buff. My condition is not limited to model trains, and it includes the history of anything interesting having to do with trains. I see many of life’s issues filtered through a train-related perspective. Before you conclude that I‘ve lost my grip on reality, let me give a quick illustration.

Here in New York, we prize our Grand Central Terminal and mourn, even to this day, the passing of our other great terminus, Penn Station. An interesting thing about the Grand Central we know and love today is that it was erected even while the facility it replaced was being taken down – all without a suspension of operations. It was a remarkable accomplishment, and required going about things in a careful, orderly and planned way, over time.

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