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How Does Family Mediation Work?

How Does Family Mediation Work? by Sandy Balick{4:30 minutes to read} Family mediation is a process used to facilitate the resolution of problems and challenges faced by families. Frequently, but certainly not exclusively, these issues involve care decisions for a parent or other loved one and the financial concerns associated with such decisions. These financial issues may be limited to how to pay for assisted or other living arrangements.

Additional financial concerns may surround what is to be done with a family business or assets for which no firm succession plan is in place. Often, health concerns are tied to the business issues in some way or another. The main point is that there are shared concerns but no consensus on how to proceed.

These seemingly complicated issues and the passionate feelings raised by them are ideal subjects for the mediation process. Mediation enables family stakeholders to share issues and concerns and to consider them in a manner that leads to solutions. It’s not magic, and it requires hard work, but at the same time, the parties enjoy a level of control over the process that is superior to that afforded by the courtroom, at a fraction of the cost and time involved in litigation. Continue reading