Is Timing Everything? Part 1

Sandy Balick of Consensus Point Mediation LLC and discusses how mediation may be a powerful tool in assisting the parties to evaluate things, even if the timing seems less than ideal.The phrase, “timing’s everything“ is what we used to call a commonplace – defined by my ancient Merriam-Webster New Collegiate, 2ed., 1959 (I remain fiercely loyal to my first serious dictionary) as “(a)nything common, ordinary or trite.”  Shopworn though the phrase may be, it rings true for all of us. Sometimes it’s a rueful regret over a missed opportunity – sometimes it’s expressed in a celebratory mode as in having sold your Facebook shares before the great swoon.

Is there an ideal time to initiate mediation? Generally speaking, starting mediation is wise if both spouses are amenable to settling their issues through face-to-face discussion and are united in their belief that they have either exhausted efforts to salvage the marriage or, for whatever reason, they are certain that the future course of their marriage is separation or divorce. The timing’s even more ideal where one or both spouses wish to be free to pursue some major life change such as a geographic move.

Circumstances are even more ideal where issues are likely to be straightforward – where no children are present in the marriage and the relationship is one of short duration.

However, circumstances frequently don’t allow for things to happen at ideal moments or they act to cloud the decision to divorce. Mediation may be a powerful tool in assisting the parties to evaluate things, even if the timing seems less than ideal as, for instance, where a major asset like the house is financially “underwater” and/or the prospect of sale seems distant.

In the next installment of this blog, I’ll explore the decision to mediate in non-ideal conditions.

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