Two Ways at Once: Resolving a Modern Dilemma Through Mediation

Sandy Balick of Consensus Point Mediation LLC discusses how marital mediation can solve modern dilemmas.Have you ever witnessed this scenario? Someone steps into a canoe or a rowboat – which promptly lurches away – even while the other foot’s rooted to the dock. This situation of going in two directions at once can’t last long, and it usually ends with the hapless boater cast inelegantly into a cold lake.

This is similar to the condition of many couples in marriages of significant duration. Though there is mutual respect, the love and emotional aspects that once were important binding factors in their marriages have withered. Yet these spouses find themselves yoked together by important and valuable shared professional or business pursuits that they wish to maintain. Their relationship is going in two directions at once as they work to maintain a valuable business against a backdrop of mounting shared personal and emotional dissatisfaction.

What’s to be done? The couple needs to be able to pull off the tricky division of a personal relationship while continuing their financially vital business collaboration. Their failure to bring this off may place a valued asset at risk, and inject tension and recrimination into a previously civil, if loveless, relationship.

Resolving these opposing forces sounds challenging, and it can be, but it is far from an impossible feat. Marital mediation offers an especially helpful forum for addressing this type of challenge.

Marital mediation is a flexible and confidential process that allows the couple to untangle their personal lives without disrupting their joint professional pursuits.

The process is guided and facilitated by a neutral mediator who is not a decider. The outcome is authored by the spouses and is a product of their informed, collaborative balancing of the many factors involved, and achieving their personal objectives. It’s accomplished through consultation with attorneys, accountants and other experts.

A vital attribute of the process is that it is not perfectly linear, proceeding through a lockstep series of issues and decisions. Mediation allows for the ability to test alternatives and revisit issues as an important part of advancing the resolution of this complex puzzle. The ultimate agreement is final only once it is enshrined in an enforceable written and signed document.

Next time, I’ll put a finer focus on the mediation process and the qualities helpful to assuring its ultimate success.

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